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Promo Clips

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Arc Promos

Secrets: Arc Promo:  In a flash of light, 3 strangers appear... (1-02)

Superstition: Chapter 1: 13 weeks, that will leave you wanting more (4-02)

Superstition: Chapter 2:  An obsession worth having (5-02)

Superstition: Week 8: Framed for murder by her best friend... (5-02)

Superstition: Final Chapter:  The final chapter unfolds (6-02)

Torn: Week 13: Alison and Livvie promo (9-02)

Torn: Week 13: Alison promo (9-02)

Surrender Week 12: She's back (3-03)

Surrender Week 13: An unholy alliance (3-03)

Desire: Week 1: Port Charles Desire (4-03)

Desire: Week 7: A kiss could change everything (5-03)

Desire: Week 10: She was the perfect girl... (6-03)

Soapnet Promos

Livvie Locke Thoughtful daughter, or terrorizing vixen

Lucy Coe-Collins: Darling wife, or ditzy troublemaker

Lynn Herring on Lucy: Lynn Herring discusses Lucy

Port Charles Tonight: contains clips from Naked Eyes and Surrender

The Cast: The actors talks about the cast

Soapnet marathon: promo for the Soapnet marathon

Watch Today's Soaps Tonight: short version featuring the ABC soaps

Who Are You Going to Bed With?: watch PC weeknights at 11