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Port Charles Unlimited


Help Save PC!


As we all know there has been no word on a renewal for the show and this has us starting to worry.

As we have not heard anything concrete about a cancellation, we are leaning more and more in starting to believe that our beloved show will be cancelled. Call it intuition; call it a guess but we call it a DISASTER for all PORT CHARLES fans!!

Although "The Little Show that Could" did get an Emmy nomination, unfortunately it didn't win - this did not help the status of the show. We know that the problem is that not enough affiliates carry the show along with not enough advertisements from sponsors wanting to invest their money or time.

But we all have invested 6 yrs of our lives in this show and we think it's time WE the fans be heard.

We ask that you to join us in a campaign and start sending as many letters today as you can to ABC along with a penny. Yes that's right a penny, everybody can afford a penny, this will represent the money they need to keep the show on the air, along with "A Penny For Your Thoughts" telling them why we love Port Charles and ask them to renew the show. If everyone sends a letter (NOT email, email is not as effective as regular mail), it can make a difference. ABC needs to be bombarded with letters everyday from the fans. If this show is going to be saved in any way it is up to us to try and do it!!

If you have a message board, a mailing list or any other way to contact the fans please ask your members to send those letters. If you know of any websites that we may not have contacted pass the word along.

Although what soap magazines print have no input on the status of the show, they can, and have in the past, highlight fan campaigns - the more readers who know, the more letters and pennies ABC gets. We'll make sure the media is aware of our campaign as soon as possible.

So let's do what we can, time is of the essence - no one wants to see PORT CHARLES cancelled.

An also, calling all GENERAL HOSPITAL fans - your sister soap needs your help. Whether you're a PORT CHARLES fan or not, PC was a spin-off from GH and many of you may have tuned in from time to time to see how the other half was doing. Some of you may have stayed and some of you may have turned away but in time of need sibling's help one another so we are humbly asking for your help in this campaign to save PORT CHARLES. Tell your friends, post it on your boards, and send your pennies and letters too. If the tables were reversed we'd be there for you. We need your support now more than ever.

Port Charles
c/o ABC
4151 Prospect Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90027

James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten
Headwriters, Port Charles
4151 Prospect Ave.
Hollywood, Ca 90027

Julie Hanan Carruthers
Executive Producer, Port Charles
4151 Prospect Ave.
Hollywood, Ca 90027

Brian Frons
President, ABC Daytime
ABC Inc.
2300 Riverside Dr.
Burbank, CA 91506
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